Discover Tap it!

Tap Line Cleaning

It is important to regularly clean beer lines, faucets, and keg couplers to ensure the dispense of high quality beer. Tap It! provides full cleaning and maintenance to ensure the acceptable sanitary level of your equipment and ensure the dispense of fresh tasting quality beer. We undertake a careful process that thoroughly cleans out the tap line with our own cleaning solution, soaking the line and flushing the beer line to completely restore it to its original condition. We are able to maintain and clean your tap at your earliest convenience. Routine cleaning is essential to maintain quality and fresh taste. We pride ourselves on the professional restoration and maintenance of our tap lines to ensure that same great taste remains.

Draught Line Cleaning

We also specialize in completely cleaning the Draught Lines of any given beer in any establishement. Using our proven method and cleaning solution we will remove all traces of bacteria, yeast, protein, mold, calcium oxalate (beer stone) and other organics that can build up in your draught lines over time. We use a recirculation pump to get right into the unexposed places in your draught lines, first sanitizing the entire line with our gentle caustic cleaner, then we thoroughly flush out the line, removing all forms of inorganic and organic materials completely. We will clean the line completely in less than two hours, and reset the draught line system for you back to working order for you to enjoy clean and great tasting beer that same day.

Beer Gas & CO2 Service

Tap It! is your go to source for supplying your hospitality and restaurant establishment with food grade certified CO2, and BeerGas. We will replenish and maintain your all gas supply needs, and provide you with expert advice on managing your compressed gas inventory. We offer a full selection of hospitality gases to meet any and all of your compressed gas needs. We will deliver and set-up all of your gas cylinders, help you manage your inventory, and provide you with the gas solution you need to make sure the beer and drinks don’t stop flowing!

Bartending Service

Tap It! has been providing the Timmins area with high quality professional bartending services for the past 10 years. We have the perfectly suited staff to fit any event or community activity that you might have planned. All of our staff is trained to operate any Draught and Beer Line system, as well as prepare any signature drinks and cocktails that you have on the menu. Whether it’s an intimate dinner or a large party for the whole neighbourhood we have the right people to make your event one to remember! We have your best interests in mind, and only offer the most professional and high quality bartending services around! Request a quote from us today using our Contact section and let’s get the party started!

Keg Equipment Rental

Looking to serve fantastic tasting beer using a keg at your next event? Then look no further , Tap It! will assist you with your keg equipment sizes and setup needs! The beer store currently serve sizes of (20L-30L-50L-58.6L) with no limit of quantity, depending on each brand! With only our highest quality signature Lagers and Ales. We will setup the kegs for you at your event, and show you how to operate our easy-to-use pouring handle. Tap It! is here to make sure you get the best possible experience out of your keg rental. Get In Touch with us today!

Other Commercial Units

Tap It! offers a fully selection in other Commercial Units for you to expand the productivity and service of your bar establishment. As well as having the best Draught Beer Systems, we also offer ice machines and dishwashers. Tap It! provides only the best designed commercial bar equipment to provide for all your establishment’s needs. You can relax knowing that we will set up the perfect system in place to keep your customers coming back for more. Let us help you find the perfect commercial unit for your esteemed establishment today!

Home Consumers

Tap It! offers a full selection in other products to serve consumers better inside their homes. We install Keg fridges, home brew equipment, parts and tap handles. We also supply conversion kits to serve you better. Currently we are including custom “Tap it!” cups for any event with a home unit service. Tap it wants to ensure you have everything you need to host events as a Home Consumer. Call us today!